21st birthday SURPRISE

So it was my fiancées 21st birthday this past weekend. Theres so much anticipation turning 21.. While I’m not going to share all of his personal information and the exciting details of his birthday experience, I will say that there is a lot of fun that can go into planning such a fun birthday.

For my 21st birthday this past December, my dad and step mom took me on the trip of a lifetime. They took me to Fabulous Las Vegas! Now me, not being into alcohol and drinks, didn’t know what to expect going on this trip. I knew there was a lot i was going to see and experience for the first time as a

legal adult

. I could now drink, smoke and gamble all in the same spot. But those were not my intentions.. I did have a drink and gamble, but no smoking for me. Being able to experience Vegas as a 21 year old for the first time was something I will never forget. But when I came home after the trip, my fiancé surprised me with a little party and then a few weeks later with an engagement ring. That was about the best and most memorable month of my entire life- to say the least. I didn’t expect a vacation, party or a ring but I felt very blessed starting off that year.

Now it is April 1st and I am a month away from the end of my first semester here at Ashland University.

For my fiancées 21st birthday I decided to surprise him with a party and my planning went perfect! I gathered all my family, his family and my grandparents together and the surprise was priceless. A perfect surprise look on his face during that moment he walked in the door. I made him cupcakes with a casino theme, laid out in the shape of the number “21” and he was showered with gifts galore. It was a very fun and memorable weekend and something I wish I could share with the world. (No pun intended)



Hobby Lobby Wedding Deals!


If you haven’t been to hobby lobby… You need to go now! They have an excellent wedding section filled with invitations, decorations, favors, anything you name- they have it! I stop there at least once a week to check out what’s on sale and lately I’ve been lucky, they have had all their wedding stuff 50% off- that’s right, I said 50%! So far I have bought:
guest book– retail price: $19.99 sale price: $9.99!
guest pen– retail price: $9.99 sale price: $4.99!
flower girl basket– retail price: 14.99 sale price: $7.49
5 sets of 25 invitations– retail price: $19.99 sale price: $9.99!

Yeah, you saw that right- my fiancé and I bought our wedding invitations (they are beautiful) for only $50!!! That is a steal. We’re a young couple paying for the wedding ourselves so any deal we can get is awesome! We both have big families so our wedding is going to be big too! Saving money on small things here and there will be money saved in our pockets for other expenses if needed!!

If you are new to Hobby Lobby or don’t live close to one, you can check them out online! They always have stuff on sale and always send out a 40% off coupon weekly in their ads and they also have them available online. They are a religious based company as well and I love that!

So, to all my future brides, go to www.hobbylobby.com! You will be glad you did 🙂

Inspired? Yes!


Hi everyone!  As this is my first blog post, I don’t want to make it sound like the first one!  I like to think I know what I am doing, but in all honesty, I don’t have a clue on how to make a successful and inspiring blog.  I have decided to finally start (as I have wanted to for a long time) and I think now is the perfect opportunity!  It’s all in God’s timing : ) I believe I have lots to share and I think there will be a lot of ladies who can relate and get inspired by my thoughts and ideas.

I got engaged to the love of my life on December 20th 2013 and have since been searching, pinning, and finding inspiration online everywhere for my wedding!  Like all brides, I want everything to be perfect for my special day.  I have pinned everything on Pinterest from engagement ideas, to finding hairstyles, dresses, and decorations.  One thing that I have noticed while doing lots of searching, is I have come across many blogs of women who share wedding ideas and offer lots of support!  I believe it is now my time to become a blogger and to share my ideas with the world as well!  I love the posts, ideas, and inspiration I see from many of the bloggers I have come across and they have given me the courage to finally start my own!  I hope that all of you who come across my blog experience happy thoughts and can get inspired by my ideas.

Please kindly welcome me to the world of blogging, I promise I have a lot to offer! : )

Cady ♥